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Terms and Conditions




Buying products and services from Parma Food Store site is governed by the rules following this introduction and that should be considered for all intents and general conditions of purchase.

The customer, as a result, has the burden of that evidence before sending the purchase order.

The Parma Food Store staff remains available before and after the purchase, for any clarification at the email address customerservice@parmafoodstore.com





Customers who bought products on our site have the right to withdraw from communicating this intention within 14 days from receipt of product,

by registered mail (address), pec (mailbox), fax (number), without having to justify the reasons.


Parma Food Store, sells, among other perishable products in respect of which the right of annulment is excluded in accordance with art. 59 co. 1 letter. d) Consumer Code.

The buyer, therefore, has the duty to assess the type and quality of the product before sending the purchase order.





The European Union has provided to all the european consumers a tool for the solution of disputes alternative to on-line disputes. To access the website click here https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr.

In any case, in compliance with the exclusive place of jurisdiction of the Consumer, the court of his/her place of residence or domicile shall have exclusive jurisdiction if located within the Italian territory,

For any further dispute, the only competent court is the one of Parma.